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Our Philosophical Standpoint  

Quaggasfontein is a private game reserve where the wildlife and their environment are as important to us as our esteemed clients. We are proud of the tame nature of the wild animals and strive vigorously to maintain this state of affairs in order that game may be viewed and photographed in their natural habitat at close distance.

Surplus animals are sold for breeding purposes and the gender ratio is usually two or three male animals in a parcel of ten. Consequently, we allow a limited amount of hunting in order to reduce the numbers of those male animals where the bachelor herd sizes have become too large and/or to eliminate older animals - male or female - that would naturally have fallen prey to predators like lion and leopard.

In keeping with our philosophy of disturbing the environment as little as possible, all hunting is conducted to the highest ethical standards and bow hunting or hunting with silenced firearms is preferred. Silenced firearms are available at nominal rental should clients wish to dispense with the hassle of traveling with a firearm.


Trophy animals

Quaggasfontein has in its herds many trophy animals as defined by the standards set by Rowland Ward or Safari Club International. You decide whether you wish to hunt a specific animal that we have shown you given our estimated approximate size of the trophy and the many other factors that impinge upon your decision. If you are not satisfied with that particular animal we look for another and will keep on doing so until you are satisfied that the animal in your sights represents a "trophy" that is acceptable to you.

Bow Hunting

Bow hunting and passive capture takes place on the same property as is used for rifle hunting. It is for this reason that we prefer rifle hunting being carried out with silenced firearms. That this has been successful is evidenced by the tame nature of our game, making it superb for bow hunting by walk and stalk.

Rifle hunting

Quaggasfontein has good facilities for setting in your rifles after the bumps that telescopes may have received during transit to South Africa. If you wish to use our rifles remember to bring along ballistic tables should you wish to use your own ammunition.  



The taxidermists that we recommend are Roy Hayes in Tarkastad (some three hours drive from Quaggasfontein) and Frank Gentry in Graaf Reinet (some two hours drive from Quaggasfontein). In our opinion the standard of work produced is world class, but you do not need to take our word for it: we will take you to view either Roy’s or Frank’s facilities where they have many examples of superb craftsmanship.  


Clients frequently enquire about the length of time that they should allocate to the safari given that they wish to hunt a certain number of animals. There is no general rule in this regard as it depends on the proportion of bush dwellers to plains animals and indeed on the kinds of plains animals that are chosen. As a general guide we suggest that clients should think in terms of, at most, one day per animal for plains type species and roughly three days per two animals for bush dwellers and animals that prefer hilly environs.

At the time of requesting the booking we can enter into some dialogue regarding the duration for the specific animals required and the various trade offs that may be possible to maximize your wish list in the time that you have allocated to the safari.  


Abattoir facilities

Quaggasfontein has state of the art abattoir and cold-room facilities that conform to Government regulations for graded small abattoirs. This enables us to process carcasses quickly thereby ensuring that your trophies will not suffer any hair slip (which is almost always a direct result of too long an elapsed time before processing and insufficient care post processing) and ensuring that the carcasses are in the best possible condition for commercial sale. See PDF file on Pure Venison Products for more information on our abattoir facilities.



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